Miratech Announces Advanced Support Program for Genesys Miracloud, Engage Cloud, and Engage Premise Clients

November 14, 2022, NEW YORK – Miratech, a global IT services and consulting organization, announces the launch of advisory, modernization, support, and risk management services for enterprises remaining on the legacy Miracloud or Engage platforms.

This new program is designed to help Genesys Miracloud, Engage Cloud, and Engage Premise clients to assess their current customer experience (CX) footprint and assist in developing their CX journey moving forward. It will include roadmap planning, technology evaluation, pilot and proof of concept (POC) options, and migration support services. This approach will allow clients to make informed and educated decisions that align to their specific needs and the preferred timeline for CX transformation.

“Our comprehensive program is about more than just keeping the lights on, our teams have the ability to extract business logic from software features and map it into the functional parameters of other solutions in the marketplace. Miratech’s culture of relentless performance ensures organizations benefit from our ability to deliver and support highly complex CX solutions”, – commented Erik Delorey, Miratech CX Practice Leader.

With over 22 years of experience and 7.5 million hours of developing, delivering, and supporting Genesys platforms, Miratech is uniquely positioned to meet the ongoing demands of Miracloud and Engage customers with their modernization, customization, and support skillsets. Miratech has over 350 dedicated application consultants and engineers with a proven track record supported by our 100% referenceable global client base. To book a discovery call, please click here.


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