Miratech and On-line Booking Hoteleine – Income for Travel Agents

Hotel reservations through the Internet is becoming popular in the former Soviet Union. Yes, we are moving towards Europe where to book a hotel on the net is a rule rather than an exception. Does this mean that the reservation on the Internet will completely replace travel agencies?

No, rather it will redistribute income in favor of a more flexible and enterprising, and in time will greatly reduce the revenue from individual tours for the most conservative of tour operators. From the practice of tour operators may drop objections like there is no alternative… or with this hotel we have no contract …. Take it for granted, with the development of the tourist market a momentary satisfaction of individual customer requirements at the lowest price is quite sufficient competitive advantage.

Travel agencies or travel agents will try to increase their income from individual tourism, as market is persistently growing in this segment. However, only those will increase profits who best meet the client’s request and at the same time with the best price (or with no lower price than on the Internet). Have you ever seen, how buyers in an electronics shop compare prices from the on-line shop? So it will be with the individual tourism. However, compare prices, seek out alternatives – it is also labor, and a considerable one. In addition, the mobile phone is one thing, another thing is vacation, business travel or holidays. If your gadget you can touch and return just in case, apart from reviews and honest travel agent you have nothing to rely on before the trip starts. In addition to the breadth of choice, the role of a professional travel agency or travel agent will not abate. But the demands for speed, reliability and breadth of the proposals will grow at about the same rate as the frequency of Internet use in the post-Soviet space.

What is the key factor in enhancing the competitiveness of travel agencies? The factors are many, but the key one – this is how well the travel agency uses the resources of the World Wide Web. See for yourself. In a world wide on-line booking database are stored offers of more than 65000 hotels. The base is growing every day, and there are many hotel reservation systems, which provide access to it. All such systems are quite complicated and an expensive investment. And this is understandable: development and implementation of such a system can only be carried out by a serious organization with impressive IT assets. For every new system of on-line booking embodies the IT solutions that were used never before. These solutions involve not only new services but also, most importantly, data security and stability mechanisms.

On-line booking system Hoteleine, developed by Miratech, is one of the newest achievements in the field of on-line booking. Services and solutions used by this system can allow each agent to see the full proposals for more than 65000 hotels. And not only see but also to benefit from this vision.

Miratech is ready to partner with travel agencies as well as with individual agents. The most simple way: secure access to the reservation system Hoteleine through through travel agency website.

Miratech also offers Hoteleine in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. In this model travel agency incurs neither expenses on any equipment acquisition and maintenance, license payments, nor hosting costs. In SaaS model travel agency only pays a subscription fee for Hoteleine usage.

Those interested enough just have to contact the manager of Miratech and get all necessary information regarding the technical, commercial and legal aspects of cooperation.


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