How IT Outsourcing Services Can Help You Keep Up with Tech Trends

Have you ever kept up with the big tech trends by using IT outsourcing services? The Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) 2023’s Technology Spending Intentions Survey found that IT outsourcing will be important for organizations using new technology.

But, in a rapidly changing technological environment, how should IT outsourcing companies provide affordable and timely technology solutions? Miratech has adapted its services to assist businesses in adopting major technology trends quickly and effectively.

Our CX Practice Lead, Erik Delorey, explains the innovative thinking behind our IT outsourcing and managed services approach.

Advance Digital Transformation with IT Outsourcing Services

Businesses are still investing significantly in digital transformation (DX) despite a worldwide recession. Because they still want to adopt the latest technologies to improve operational efficiency and CX.

ESG’s survey indicates that 52% of enterprises will be increasing budgets, with 30% maintaining spend at their 2022 level.

As we enter Q2, the demand for cost-efficient technology skills is likely to remain higher than the supply. This could lead to an increase in IT outsourcing.

What does this mean for how you achieve your goals?

Leveraging IT Outsourcing for Your Business Advantage

Miratech understands that technologies such as AI, ML, cloud migration, and cybersecurity can be beneficial. To make the most of these, you need access to various specialized skills and proven experience.

Also, new technologies are complex, and the ‘Great Resignation’ has had an effect. This makes it hard to get the right talent when needed, and it can be expensive. In some cases, it may not even be possible to acquire the talent.

That’s where we come in.

it outsourcing partnership

Secure Digital Transformation with MiraCloud

At Miratech, we’re the execution engine of some of the top performing customer experience platforms in the world. In fact, we’ve been working with partners, like Genesys, from the very beginning.

Leave the heavy lifting to Miratech so you can focus your resources on delighting your customers. Our award-winning expertise will help you keep pace and maximize ROI.

We’ve recently launched MiraCloud – a unique and innovative subscription-based approach to IT outsourcing services.

it outsourcing service MiraCloud

MiraCloud offers organizations direct access to experts who bring technology trends to life and develop the world’s best leading CX platforms.

Our managed services provide an ideal IT outsourcing solution. This frees up your development time, allowing you to focus on customer satisfaction.

Due to its flexibility, you can adjust the usage of in-demand skilled technology resources and experience with greater agility. It is easier to do this than ever before.

Rethinking Strategic Partnership 

ESG’s survey indicates that businesses plan to reduce their partnerships this year. They will be seeking strategic partners, such as Miratech, that provide a wide range of services, including 24/7 support.

As we enter Q2, enterprises committed to DX continue to invest to come out of this recession much stronger. We think the focus will be to:

  • Move to the cloud
  • Increase investments in AI and ML
  • Enhance cybersecurity levels
  • Leverage managed services
  • Invest in IT outsourcing

Get the Right IT Outsourcing Services in Place

To stay up-to-date with major tech trends, IT outsourcing focuses on strategic partnerships. These partnerships can provide worldwide IT knowledge to create, execute, and improve safe cloud platforms.

Miratech provides specialized technology services that will help businesses to quickly access the latest technology solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

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