Holiday Greetings from Miratech CEO

As this challenging year winds to a close, I am thankful to our employees, clients, and partners for staying resilient and emerging even stronger than before.

The new normal has made us rethink and reassess our goals, and once again reinforce our core values as they have been key to our success throughout these turbulent times. In the wake of the pandemic, we introduced ‘RemoteTogether’ – the idea that working remotely makes our business only stronger. To fortify this idea, Miratech introduced the ‘RemoteTogether’ policy, allowing employees to work remotely on a permanent basis. We were one of the first companies on the market to do that and I am happy to see that many have followed suit.

Despite the drastic changes in the way we work, our team has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and even won awards from our clients. We also won the GSA UK Award as The Best Nearshore Team this year. All of this is the result of our team living our values – they help both Miratech and our clients achieve solid growth and success.

We look forward to continue helping visionaries innovate and change the world in 2021.

Wishing you happy holidays and a brilliant new year.

Warmest wishes,

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