G-Force 2009 Opens New Opportunities

Barcelona; June 9-11, 2009 G-Force 2009 User Conference, held by Genesys in Barcelona, Spain on June 9-11 is the company’s most important international event to give an insight into the industry trends, IT strategies and solutions combined with the hand-on expertise of contact center managers, IT professionals and customer service executives to provide end user with leverage for the competitiveness of his company and efficient cost management. The themes of the conference this year were on innovations, the most recent offerings from Genesys, new business models and technologies to converge solutions, customers and vendors.

G-Force 2009 hosted more than 200 representatives from around the globe, including Miratech President Mykola Royenko and Miratech CEO Valeriy Kutsyy, and for the entrants it has been a good opportunity to compare the recent Genesys products and development policies in different countries, to hear the advice and recommendations of the company’s pros in this area and to present their own views and opinions. Miratech CEO Valeriy Kutsyy said, Our business is all about complete and scalable productivity based on Genesys solutions, to name just few. I am very happy to say that, despite harsh economic conditions, the event in Barcelona was very good attended which means that the existing Genesys business models pay its way.

In addition to a score of new product announcements, upgrades and design workshops intended to help Genesys partners to better address ongoing issues and manage costs more efficiently, the forum showed that people and business partners are the company’s most important asset to ensure growth that creates opportunities for everyone.


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