Further Education Contributes to Any Company’s Success

Traditionally, spring is the time of new hopes, new plans, the time of renewal, the time that looks skyward into the future. In spring we plant seeds, and this is no accident. After all, to avoid standstills, we all need to move forward, to develop and improve operations, we need to “learn, learn and study again.” Given this, in spring takes place a large number of trainings, seminars and scientific-practical conferences, aimed to supply industry and businesses with new knowledge and skills for future use. For reserve for the future what is it but a guarantee for future success?

This rule applies to Miratech with its employees who are not only perfectly aware of their know-how, but love and know how to work in team for developing projects. A row of thematic learning activities that took place in the company last week has reconfirmed this. Aimed at improving the professional skills of the participants, they were devoted to a broad range of tasks, without which effective solutions to everyday issues are hardly possible: the correct and optimal conduct of internal business operations, building relationships with partners and customers. Several workshops, attended by some hundred professionals, have enriched their knowledge by proactively pursuing skills crucial to the success of any organization, large or small; for these help save resources and promote accurate and timely fulfillment of tasks which are second to none.

According to Dmitry Filipov, Miratech Director, Organization Development, training events have become an important contribution to improving the team spirit of the company, to the professional development of its employees. In particular, he noted: The necessity of such events in the future is clear. Miratech hires a lot of new personnel, a lot of newcomers. In the first quarter, for example, the total headcount passed the mark of three hundred people, and I see our task to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to reveal themselves best in their workplace. In this sense, exchange of experience, gained skills and abilities is extremely important, and it does not depend on subject area of activity or, say, the professionalism of each individual participant. This is the case when mutual assistance counts and decides independently of the complexity of the task. I want to emphasize the fact that Miratech has recently updated its ISO 9001:2000 certification for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 norm. I see a direct link between the business interests of the company and this fact. Moreover, this fact is binding. Now we have to pay even more attention to the development of our service, to the development of the company’s internal business operations. In this sense, conducting of such activities is an ongoing process that requires our constant attention.


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