Free NFT, Python, and Computer Graphic Courses for your child

Miratech IT Kids Club is happy to share free classes on the topics that have become the household names of the most prominent and in-demand IT specializations discussed on TikTok and Youtube. Quite a few kids are enjoying their winter holidays right now and are spending their time online, so why not draw their attention to some content, both popular and beneficial? Diversify their everyday leisure by sending them to Miratech’s Youtube channel.

Enjoy our FREE IT courses (language – Ukrainian):

Miratech IT Kids Club has been providing educational opportunities to Ukrainian kids since 2019. The main mission of the project is to provide young talents with quality resources for studying information technologies. The educational program is the voluntary initiative of our colleagues provided with an open heart full of wish to give the best to future generations. We believe that the courses may give an opportunity to kids to consider a future path in IT and, perhaps, give a  career start for one or several IT geniuses.

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