Comprehensive IT Solutions from Miratech and Oracle

Miratech is pleased to announce to have signed a partnership agreement with Oracle, effective July 2009. Oracle products are nothing new to Miratech; the company has long and tight deployed them in its work and developments. Some 20 per cent of Miratech workforces are trained to work with Oracle products; it is authenticated with Verification and Validation Engineer and Database Administrator certificates. The signing of Oracle PartnerNetwork agreement (OPN) promotes Miratech cooperation with the corporation to a new level. Indeed, OPN with its more than 20,000 members worldwide stipulates governance and manageability of tools designed to help IT Professionals provide both more efficient solution deployment and out-of-the-box functionality of their Oracle based developments.

OPN is a community driven effort managed under Oracle source control aimed to provide an overall integrated network for strengthening market position of its members. OPN enables access to such material property data as partner-only resources and tools to support flawless operation of the Oracle products. Furthermore, OPN benefits its members by getting technical and marketing know-how, building and promoting solutions tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements for performance, manageability and cost-effectiveness.

Obviously, that with the current economic climate customers need flexible and functional IT environments that help reduce costs, optimize operations and simplify management. As the IT industry talks of future developments, OPN now allows its members to remain focused on their core activities while raising the bar on support level for Oracle line of products.

Thus, Miratech is excited to be lent the joined expertise of OPN to not only building, but to surpass the quality of professional services that will help even more customers discover the benefits of technologies based on the decades of company’s innovation and receive the freedom to run their businesses without technological gaps and artificial restrictions due to the managerial decisions or initial choice of IT supplier in the past.


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