4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience (CX) in Contact Centers

How CX Helps Scale Business Growth

Are you searching for ways to boost your business growth by improving your customer experience?

Discover the power of easily scalable CX solutions to unlock the full potential of your contact centers and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Delivering great CX is vital for business. Today, customers expect positive experiences at every touchpoint in their journey. 56% of consumers feel that the quality of the customer service they receive has a higher impact on how positively they view a brand than any other criteria. Whereas bad CX negatively impacts your reputation and bottom line.

Equip your contact center with the right technologies and features to deliver a seamless CX across all customer touchpoints.

Do this and you will boost customer satisfaction rates, gather positive customer feedback, and decrease customer churn. So, delivering amazing customer experiences is the way forward If you’re looking to improve customer experience and grow your brand. Let’s explore how.


Avoiding the Impact of Bad CX

Firstly, there are many customer touchpoints to consider, however, your contact center strategy is a major player in achieving business growth.

Because your contact centers are the key link between your company and your customers. They need to be at the forefront of any plans to benefit from innovative and seamlessly integrated CX technology.

In fact, a poor contact center platform might cost you your reputation because dissatisfied customers will take their business elsewhere.

Recognize any of these less than positive experiences?

  • Irritatingly long wait times
  • Poorly trained agents who appear confused
  • Repeated customer calls about the same query
  • Failure to resolve queries and escalating complaints
  • Frustrated customers coming to ‘dead ends’
  • Costly and high staff turnover
  • Disjointed communication, with customers repeating information
  • Failure to respond to customer feedback
  • Compromised data security

The above are just a few common examples of bad CX. And they are really bad news for business, tending to result in high servicing costs, low customer satisfaction, and falling revenue.


4 Ways to Improve CX

The good news is that adjusting your course to benefit from the latest CX tech and specialized CX expertise may be easier than you think.

Here are just four ways to improve your customer experience.

  • Personalize Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

You’ve probably already got the data to give your customers truly personalized experiences. But are you using it? Advances in AI and ML allow you to convert that data, in real-time, into insights and interactions which are quick and effective at boosting CX and reducing servicing time and cost.

  • Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud

A cloud-based CX platform can improve capability and capacity. The cloud supports remote and hybrid working, so your customers will benefit from a more agile, skilled, and potentially cost-competitive resourcing and support model. Also, this makes it easier to employ a 24/7 follow-the-sun approach.

  • Improve Your Cybersecurity

Successfully minimizing cybersecurity risk should outweigh all other business priorities. If you can’t protect your customer data your business prospects will plummet, not just your customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Train Agents to Expert Levels

The latest integrated CX technology can train agents to expert levels as they work. AI and ML act as expert support to your agents, providing immediate insights and guidance.  This results in happier customers and empowered agents, who can resolve customer queries more confidently and much faster than before.


Last Thoughts on Improving CX

Delivering great CX is a must for a successful and growing business.

Contact center performance is key. is it at the forefront of your relationship with your customers. Make them a priority.

Today you can benefit from seamlessly integrated CX technology services. Innovation to continuously improve your contact center performance and scalability of your business is readily accessible with proven CX experts at Miratech.

All the above is just a teaser of what you can achieve with our award-winning CX experience by your side.

Ensure your customers feel valued and heard. Choose to improve your CX today with Miratech.

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