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1.3 “Purchase Order” or “PO” shall mean the document submitted by the Client to Miratech, pursuant to which the Client orders services and/or Deliverables.  A Purchase Order shall include: (i) effective date of Order; (ii) incorporation of this Agreement or SOW by reference; (iii) description of the services and/or Deliverables being ordered; (iv) fees; and other information submitted by Client.  A Purchase Order may be submitted alone or in conjunction with a Statement of Work. Upon the execution of the Purchase Order by both Parties it shall become the written agreement between the Parties for services provision that captures and defines the scope of Services, deliverables, timelines, Acceptance Criteria and/or other terms agreed upon by the Parties; in such case all provisions of these Standard Terms provided for SOW shall be applicable to PO.

1.4 “Annexes” shall mean all annexes listed in the Master Agreement and any other annexes marked as “Annexes to the Master Agreement”, signed by Parties at the time of signing of Agreement or during the process of its implementation.