Miratech Talent Investment Program

Today, as technology accelerates and evolves at a blistering pace, many organizations struggle to maintain a knowledgeable workforce that can keep their technical expertise in alignment with their business goals.

Miratech’s Talent Investment Program (M-TIP) is designed to help you build and sustain the talent you need in today’s rapidly changing technology environments.

Let’s face it, hiring and building a tech team organically will take you months – and some will still lack the skills you need, and will require additional time to contribute fully.

With Miratech, you can have your perfect team built much sooner through M-TIP – in a fraction of time, your team will be trained and ready to start. It can be a diverse team, with both seasoned professionals and fresh start contributors, who have all the right skills and knowledge to help you succeed faster. Backed by the proven Relentless Success Framework™ developed by Miratech.

How It Works

To achieve the level of proficiency that will enable teams to deliver success IT projects worldwide, junior professionals work on tasks under the guidance of experienced professionals. Each trainee undergoes a structured apprenticeship program that is tailored to their individual needs and specific project requirements.


Under the mentorship of a senior team member, with access to real-world environments and an active knowledge base. Everyone who undergoes our talent investment program learns from the best in the industry – they have access to our team of over 500 professionals, with various expertise and experience across a wide range of technologies. The trainees will be certified in client-based technologies, such as Google CCAI, Genesys Cloud, Azure, Amazon, and others. Mentorship and certification are completed at Miratech’s cost.

On-The-Job Training

Training begins with simple tasks, which then gradually grow in complexity. This is how trainees are evaluated on communication, completeness of comprehension, and delivery of solutions on their path to becoming professionals. Why is it important? People learn faster by working in a real environment right from the start – this will allow juniors to increase the level of expertise at a faster pace as they grapple with new concepts, while their mentors guide them to ensure they do not make common mistakes and errors that are commonly seen when you apply theory to real-world environments. This method is proven to be more efficient than hiring senior professionals in unfamiliar environments.

Miratech’s Talent Investment Program Is the Smart Choice

  • Backed by Miratech’s 20-year track record of building high-performance quality teams
  • Assembling the right team is a long and expensive process, up to 350% more than leveraging Miratech’s Talent Investment Program
  • Designed to help you fill the gap and build and sustain the skills you need to support your clients
  • We build the team for you, with the correct mix of skills and academic foundation to help you accelerate your business
  • To support the world of ever-changing technology, we support the training and certification of specialized skills to help you succeed long term at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself

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What does your perfect team look like?
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What does your perfect team look like?

Tell us and we will build it for you