October 19, 2015

Miratech and Lindorff Win EOA’s European IT Outsourcing Project of the Year Award

Miratech and its client, Nordic Capital majority-owned Lindorff are delighted to announce that the European Outsourcing Association (EOA) has announced the companies as winners of the organization’s prestigious European IT Outsourcing Project of the Year Award. 
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September 21, 2015

Miratech Joined the Creating of Development Strategy of Kyiv as “Smart City”

On September 10, Kyiv Smart City hackathon took place in Kyiv. The experts team composed of responsible Kyivans has gotten together to create the development strategy of Kyiv as “Smart City” for the next 5 years. First of all, this concept bases on modern IT usage. That’s why the representatives of IT field were actively engaged in the participation. 
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September 14, 2015

Miratech’s Role in Environmental Protection

This month, Miratech joined the eco-project “Ukraine without Garbage,” which has gained popularity in Kyiv. In our Kyiv offices in Business Centers Premium and Silver we have set up special eco-boxes for wastepaper collection. Part of the proceeds from the junked wastepaper is assigned to further development of the “Ukraine without Garbage” project, and the remainder is assigned to charity. 
* * *
September 14, 2015

Miratech Donates Equipment to a Charity Fund

Miratech keeps on contributing to development of young talents and support of needy children – again we donated computer equipment to the international charity fund, Sunshine, which was founded to help children deprived of parental care, victims of domestic violence, and young people who have experienced trauma.
* * *
September 7, 2015

Miratech Keeps on Presenting IT area to Teenagers

The popularity of IT companies among the growing generation seems to increase. On August 26, for the third time in the last six months, Miratech organized an educational program for senior high school students in its Kyiv office. This time our guests were 14-16-year-olds who participated in the free career guidance project called “Children of Professions”.
* * *
August 25, 2015

Miratech Inspires Future Software Engineers

On August 13, students from Kyiv schools and from the National Technical University visited Miratech to learn about the IT business firsthand, see a real IT company, and understand the daily work of software engineers. This educational program has became a part of the software engineer summer school project. Its goal is to let boys and girls learn more about software engineering, try program development, learn principles of teamwork, develop web apps and games, etc.
* * *
July 1, 2015

Miratech Gives Computer Equipment to Charity Foundation Helping Children in Crisis Situations

Miratech understands its societal responsibility, and considers it a duty to take care of employees’ children, as well as other children who require help. So, in June, we provided two monitors, two notebooks, and three system units to the international Sunshine Foundationas social assistance.
* * *
June 16, 2015

Would-be Software Engineers from Shchors Visit Miratech

In June 2015 35 children from Shchors school (Chernigiv oblast), that recently got computers from Miratech, and their teachers, visited us to see an IT company with their own eyes, "from within," and learn more about software engineering from real life examples. 
* * *
May 26, 2015

Future Programmers from Schors Start Training on Miratech Computers

Recently, in the town Schors, Chernigiv oblast of Ukraine, the Snovsk school of programming for children was successfully opened. In February, Miratech provided computers to the school.
The school is free, but at this time can’t accept all pupils who wish to attend, so it selects the most talented children. Lessons are held twice per week for two age groups: 10-13 and 14-16 years.
* * *
April 7, 2015

Miratech Provides Medicament Aid to Kyiv Military Hospital

In January Miratech employees supported the idea to celebrate the new year in the family format, and to use saved money to support our mobilized employees, and help the military hospitals.
Part of the funds saved from the New Year's event was used to purchase medicines which patients at the clinical hospital need. 
* * *