Company profile

Miratech facts

  • Miratech is a leading Ukrainian IT outsourcing provider headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • The company’s service network spans all regions of the country, including software engineering and BPO operations centers in several major Ukrainian cities
  • Miratech is an expert in the areas of international projects and value chain optimization
  • Miratech is CMM maturity level 3 engineering organization since 2003
  • Miratech is ISO 9001 certified company since 2001
  • Miratech serves Fortune 1000 companies
  • Miratech is IT outsourcing industry leader in Ukraine
  • By January 2011, Miratech employs 400 people, the company’s personnel holds Avaya, Cisco, Сitrix, CMU/SEI, Genesys, HP, IBM, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun and other certificates
  • Miratech financial results are audited by Ernst & Young on an yearly basis 

Miratech today

Today, Miratech is an IT service and consulting corporation that delivers a unique blend of real-business experience, along with a strong engineering, international project delivery and value chain optimization expertise.

Since 1989, Miratech has conducted around the globe hundreds of projects in various industries ranging from telecommunications through to financial and public sector. Delivering services for the American and European markets, Miratech gained profound experience in executing international projects and implementing services off- and on-site. Being one of the first IT service companies in the former USSR, today Miratech provides the world's leading enterprises with services related to outsourcing, business process automation, and IT consulting.

Typical of Miratech, a customer-centric approach to technology and business process operation helps company’s clients overcome scarcity of funds and mend resource challenges without compromising the quality of end product.

Until 2007, Miratech was wholly owned by the company’s management. Since mid of 2007, 60.1 per cent of company’s shares are held by EDB Business Partner, one of the world’s leading IT corporations, whereas 39.9 per cent of shares - by Miratech’s management.


Miratech was founded in 1989 at facilities of Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. The Soviet cybernetic forge since the mid 50’s, Glushkov Institute is responsible for software and artificial intelligence research for aerospace, military-and-related activity, as well as development of the first computer prototype in Eastern Europe.

Miratech in dynamics

1989: Miratech is founded as one of the first privately held IT companies in the USSR; initial core team of Miratech originates from the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics
1998: Miratech enters US market with outsourcing services for US clients
2000: Miratech is Microsoft Certified Partner, today - Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
2000: Genesys, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, is a client of Miratech
2001: Miratech opens BPO facility to serve US clients in insurance industry
2001: Miratech is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified IT company in Ukraine
2003: Consul, acquired by IBM Tivoli in 2006, is a client of Miratech
2003: Miratech is the first CMM Level 3 organization in Ukraine
2004: Miratech is a founding member of IT Ukraine Association
2004: Miratech is Genesys Premier Partner
2004: Miratech acquires Novatec, an IT consulting company
2005: Miratech and NetworkD partner to deliver IT operation related services from Ukraine to the clients in Europe and the USA
2005: Philips becomes a client of Miratech
2006: DirecTV (USA), SBB Cargo (Switzerland), Finansbank (Holland) are Miratech’s clients
2006: Miratech becomes a partner of IBM
2006: Miratech introduces Ukraine’s IT industry at the National Exhibition of Ukraine in the USA
2007: EDB becomes the major shareholder, client and business partner of Miratech
2008: EBRD, OTP Bank, Raiffeisen Bank are Miratech’s clients
2008: “The Black of Outsourcing” names Miratech second of top ten leading IT outsourcing providers in Central and Eastern Europe
2009: The Company's 20th Anniversary
2009: Partnership with Oracle
2009: Miratech enters a major IT outsourcing contract with Kyivstar
2009: VAB, Swedbank and MTB banks are Miratech’s clients
2010: Miratech passes ISO 9001 renewal audit and receives an ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
2010: First Ukrainian International Bank, Sberbank of Russia JSC, PJSC “Bank Forum”, Generali Garant are Miratech’s clients
2010: Miratech attains Avaya Authorized Partner status
2010: Miratech expands cooperation with Kyivstar framed within a multiyear contract to develop, test and maintain IT systems, and Swedbank – to maintain and manage databases
2010: Miratech projects on regional servicing of IT infrastructure of VAB Bank and Swedbank acknowledged best in the industry and awarded with laureate dignity


Over the past few years, Ukraine has become one of the noticeable players in international software engineering and IT servicing business. Ukraine has a major advantage over competitors: it is the outstanding level of IT workforce trained and educated locally. The history of over a half of a century of the professional engagements cutting across technology disciplines enables Ukrainian engineers and scientists to perform in large-scale projects, including such advanced fields of applied science as information technologies, nuclear physics, aerospace, and the like.

Culturally, Ukraine is alike to Western Europe and North America, one of the most important and strategic markets for Miratech. Kindred backgrounds and similarities of social organization mitigate project risks related to teamwork, where units are geographically dispersed.

Miratech headquarters are only a 2 hour flight away from most of Europe and a 9-hour flight away from the United States. This close proximity to Europe and only a 7 hours time difference with the U.S. East Coast gives Ukraine an advantage for communication and coordination. During normal business hours, telephone calls can be arranged simultaneously between Western Europe, North America, and Ukraine.