Miratech provides infrastructure development services for UMC contact center


Founded in 1992, telecommunications company Ukrainian Mobile Communications JSC (UMC) has offered mobile services since July, 1993. The company is a leader in mobile communications in Ukraine; its network coverage exceeds 95 percent of Ukraine, and 99 percent of the population. UMC provides roaming services in most countries, and serves more than 20 million customers. Its aims are increasing productivity; expanding coverage and network optimization; developing innovative services; and improving customer service quality.

The Challenge

UMC’s contact center was initially a centralized call center, which, responding to the needs of a growing subscriber base, was functionally and numerically developed. An increase in UMC subscribers, expansion of the range of services, and the number of marketing activities required an update of the technical base of the call-center. UMC needed this update to be carried out without disruption of its normal operations, and without compromising the quality of customer service.


Due to its ability to deliver solutions that feature flexibility, productivity, adaptability, and a high quality-to-price ratio, Miratech won the contract as an integrator of GWM products in Ukraine, and a provider able to carry out ongoing local technical support.

The implementation process took five months. In the first phase, Miratech collected and analyzed customer requirements, after which the technical issues of system installation were resolved. In the second phase, an extensive architecture that was scattered over six call-center sites was centralized. The third phase involved system configuration, after which the system was tested in accordance with testing methodology for complex integration projects developed by Miratech. This testing significantly reduced the deployment time of the solution. Finally, test plans; detailed scenarios for the planned behavior of the system; and acceptance and reliability testing were carried out promptly and efficiently.

As a result, a single, geographically distributed contact center, consisting of several units in the largest cities of Ukraine—Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, and Lvov—was created. These units have to work as a unified system with 1,000 workplaces and 2,000 operators. The UMC contact center handles up to 1 million calls daily. Operators process from 15 to 20 percent of these calls, with the rest automatically served by the interactive voice response system. The number of simultaneous requests exceeds 5,000, which is the number of subscribers who may call and be connected at the same time. The call center flexibly routes all subdivisions, serving requests incoming via phone, SMS, or email in three languages, around the clock.

Value to Client

Due to the solution implemented by Miratech, UMC was able to evenly distribute the load between operators, substantially reduce the cost of generating reports and schedules, and forecast the contact center load. With the operation of Genesys WFM, the “absent agents” index decreased by 30 percent, and the number of unproductive hours by five percent. The overall productivity of the contact center has increased by 12 percent, the ROI at nine months. The amount of time needed for the dispatcher to re-edit schedules has been reduced by 50 percent (one day per week for each dispatcher). The time for technical staff to produce forecast projections, wish lists, and schedules has been significantly reduced.